Pros and Cons of Installing Solar Panel

In so many parts of the World today, Solar panel is installed mainly to meet power demands, it saves energy expenses. That makes solar panel a smart choice for every home owner. However, Solar panels are good investment because they add value to houses and most times exempt from property taxes. There are also some downsides with installing solar panel. Therefore, it is important to consider both the pros and cons associated with purchasing or installing solar panels.


One of the advantages of installing solar panels is that homeowners now tend to pay less for electricity, according to the introduction of the FEED IN TARIFF (FIT) scheme. As the owner of the home, you also have access to sell excess electricity, or maybe receive credit bills and reduce overall expenses on electricity.

There are no moving parts in solar panel systems. Hence, there is no room for noise pollution. Also, the solar panel system cannot break down easily.

Advancements in technology are being made in the designs and manufacturing of equipment made of the solar system. Although cells in the panel systems are efficient, they eventually turn solar energy into electricity.

The US Department of Energy revealed that the energy payback of solar panels moves between 1 to 4 years. It depends on the type of solar panel. That is, it can take 1 to 4 years to implement the amount of energy to make the solar panel. Therefore, solar panels can be warranted to last for 25 years.

The solar panel is a source of energy that is renewable. That is, we cannot exhaust solar energy or perhaps run out it. This is absolutely against sources of energy that can’t be renewed, like coal, fossil fuels, etc. There will always be access to solar energy as long as the sun keeps shining and doesn’t stop.

Installing a Solar panel is like investing, not expenses. That’s the main reason everyone wants to switch to installing a solar panel. Initially, it appears like making a huge expense, but in the long run, it is a great investment for your family’s future and that of your business. There are potential earnings and savings, which in return becomes payback once the earnings roll in, such investment is continuous and for a long period.


Before purchasing solar panel, you need to know that some roofing materials like slate, cedar tiles, are quite difficult to work with solar installers. Although, many apartment buildings have skylights. Additionally, some other rooftop have roof decks which makes the installation process difficult and costly.

The good news: You can install solar panels on your rooftop by connecting a mounting system (racking) to the roof. There are also so many other options to go for if your home roof don’t support solar installation, you can use ground-mounted solar panel or perhaps buy a share in community solar garden.

Over the years, Solar panel depend on sunshine to supply power. The question is what happens when there is no sunshine to enable power supply? Knowing fully well that sun shines at different intensity and at different times in a year, it doesn’t even shine at night. The answer is, anytime the sun is down, i.e. doesn’t shine, it means the panel won’t supply power. That’s one of the reasons some don’t want to install solar system, because it can’t be relied on for critical mission applications.

The good news: The emergence of lithium-ion battery solutions, which makes it suitable for effective storage of solar panels.

Buying solar panels or installing them can be expensive, the battery as well is on the high side of the price. Although, they help to smoothen out loads and demands, they also help in making power more stable. All of those technologies are quite expensive.

You don’t need to install or purchase solar panel to your home when leaving permanently. Reason is, you tend to spend more in the process of moving the panel to your new home. Except you intend to sell the building with the panel; if not, moving the panel can be difficult and expensive.

The power density for solar radiation is 170W/m². That is more than any other renewable energy source, it requires much space for installation. Although it can’t be compared with oil and gas.

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