Roof Repair and Maintenance Tips for Winter

Roof maintenance before winter is necessary to protect the interior of your house during winter period, when the weather outside is not warm. You will be calm knowing that your roof is set for all the mild freezing conditions that comes with winter.

Check your roof twice, before winter and spring. Inspecting your roof before winter reduces the possibility of freezing atmosphere destroying your roof and causing damage. Below are few roof repair and maintenance tips for winter:

Maintain the Surrounding Trees

Concentrating on your roof before winter comes in is important to preparing for the cold season. Trees with heavy branches that rest towards your house can later become a danger. Trees without life can fall into your home during heavy rain or snow falls. Trees that bend towards your home can be dangerous. Branches could fall into your house’s widow or panel. These branches can serve as bridges for rodents like squirrels to cross and enter your house. Make sure you cut off over hanging branches to avert these from happening.

Clean Gutters

Specifically during autumn, it is important that you check your open gutters for leaves that are fallen, wastes, pine needles and twigs that can likely cause blockage. Gutters are necessary for syphoning rain water and melting snow. The joined down spouts are useable in passing out water when they function well. If the down spouts are blocked, rain water can over flow and cause water damage to your roof and other interior walls of your house.

Unblocking gutters is a stressful but easy proceeding that will save you huge trouble in winter period. You can use ladders to get to the gutter, or you can buy a hose end attachment that is basically made to clean gutters. When you have access to the waste stored in the gutter, take away the leaves and twigs with trowel to clear the path. Little waste can be cleared with hose.

Find out whether or not the gutter water syphon the down spout. If it does not drain, the down spout could be blocked. It can be unblocked with an equipment like a plumber’s snake. Clear out the down spout entirely to make sure these is proper drainage. Restrict waste from falling in the gutters by inducting a leaf guard.

Install Attic Ventilation Structures

Debris of snow and ice that is left on rooftops can base the shingles which result in cold air seeping into the house. Attic ventilation system allows air to flow freely within the home thereby reducing the gradual increment of snow and ice on the roof. This result is fiscally beneficial

Inspect Roof Flashing

Keeping your roof in good shape is a herculean task, but it is worth the trouble. Roof flashing is an important element to your roof. Flashing is built with electric metal or aluminum and is put along places where the roof is divided such as joints, where the chimney meets, or along the edges of skylights. Flashing is an extremely protective machinery schemed to pass water to run off the slope of the roof. When flashing is not present, an extreme water damage can happen which can result in disaster.

Surge of wind or freezing rain can result in flashing to uplift, loosen or tear. Before winter, make sure you check the flashing for any signs of tears or loosening. If there are noticeable problems, substitute the flashing.

Substituting flashing is not expensive compare to replacing the whole roof or fixing the subsequent interior damage as result of winter roof leak. Take care to to examine the flashing before winter sets in and save yourself a whole lot of expense.

Replace loose Shingles

If you find any loose or missing shingles, substitute them before winter sets in. Shingles are major component in keeping your home dry. Time to time maintenance of the shingles on your roof is a less costly way to safe guard against brutal elements.

Ensuring and keeping your roof in good shape is a herculean task but it’s worth the trouble. If you cannot examine your roof before winter sets in, use the help of water damage restoration specialist.

Bottom Line

Living in a house entails the huge responsibility of taking good measure to safeguard it and the people that live in it from harsh elements. Be prepared for the worst that winter can bring and use a professional water damage restoration services for your roof.

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